What if you could save time, money and ingredients with one simple tool?

We know the joys and struggles that come with baking, whether it’s a hobby or a career. We are building an application to support you and streamline the process so you can get back to creating delicious works of art.

Every hour you spend fussing with spreadsheets is an hour you’re not doing what you love – baking.

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m the founder of Art Is In Cakes Bakery & Supply, a shop for bakers at every level.

I know firsthand that baking is a blend of careful measures and boundless creativity. Precision and imagination.

Keeping tabs is part of the job. But it can also become excessively time-consuming.

My dream is to create a tool that is the perfect baker’s companion. All the measurements, the ingredients tracking and record-keeping all in one convenient spot.

We are building the app of your baking business dreams, a one-stop calculator that frees your time for the fun stuff.

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